What is Smart Home

It’s controlling your entire home, from the lighting, sound, to the window treatments, and even heating and cooling, all in one spot…

Your beautifully integrated control panels (touch screens, keypads etc) put all of your home’s functions, at your fingertips.

Keep your homes appearance as streamlined and seamless as possible with home automation. No need to have boxes of electronics by every TV, light switches and dimmers on every wall, amongst many other controls. We can centralize all these boxes and switches, for an easy to use, clean looking home.

While building or renovating, you owe it to yourself to visit our showroom to see what opportunities are available for your new home.

The photo to the left shows a Rack System that houses all the electronics for this home. Most commonly racks are placed in a basement area tucked away. Since the house had been wired properly during construction we were able to centralize all the home owners equipment to this rack, so it can now be shared to all the TV’s and speakers throughout the home.