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A stay to remember

Welcome to a smart hotel. A hotel that anticipates the needs of its guests and its staff. A hotel where service meets sustainability. And where comfort, quality and luxury are never compromised. With one remote, guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, music, as well as schedule wake-up calls, request valet service and more. And through one easy-to-use system, hotel staff is always just one touch away from ensuring the perfect stay.

The XYZ Dimensions Hospitality Solution works with 4- and 5-star properties—retrofit or new construction—to transform the guest experience and enhance hotel operational efficiency, creating a win for the property manager and a very special stay for the traveler.
Better still, our solution is 100% scalable so you can start small and dream big.

As I entered the room for the first time, the drapes and sheers opened, music started playing the lights gradually brightened. Was I impressed? Yes.   —Electronic House

Extraordinary experience for guests. Incredible opportunities for hoteliers.

Control4® technology makes it easy and effortless for hospitality service and sustainability to coexist without compromising comfort, quality or luxury.

Here are just a few examples of how Control4® solutions have impressed the guest—and pleased the hotelier.

  • At a premier resort in Deer Valley, Utah, guests can control all the lights, thermostats and fireplace, as well as request concierge services from the easy-to-use TV menu.
  • A luxury Beverly Hills hotel wanted an unforgettable, personalized guest experience that complemented its sustainability effort. Control features include one-touch energy settings that manage lighting and HVAC.
  • The “Wake Up” at one well-known NYC hotel allows the lights to gradually come on over a 15-minute period to simulate the sun rising. It can also include turning on the TV to a favorite morning news station, and automatically opening drapes to let natural light into the room.
  • Hotel management in a Las Vegas hotel enjoys energy efficiency with automatic “unoccupied” guestroom sensors. Guests can also “green” their stay in one-button touch that modifies the light level, room temperature, and the frequency of linen changes.

Taking care of business

When it comes to business operations, sometimes it’s about what you don’t see. To that end, Control4 as our solution provider has developed system management software packages for remote management servers (RMS) that give hoteliers unprecedented management and in-room control across the entire property. The Control4® Hospitality Server software is used to seamlessly integrate existing property management systems with trouble-ticketing systems and Control4 guest-room equipment. This enables automation based on check-in, check-out, and guest service requests.

The Control4® Remote Management Solution software gives you full, detailed control of your guest rooms no matter where you are.
Easy to learn and easy to use, the web-based application can alert maintenance when an issue arises and even notify hotel staff when new batteries are needed for a remote control or a minibar requires a restock.

How it all works together

Just a few of our products can deliver a dramatic difference for your business. Better still, our solutions seamlessly integrate with third-party systems and applications, including locks, IP cameras, video-conferencing systems, shades and more to bring control to your business.

The “brains” of the operation, controllers provide the behind-the-scenes management of all intelligent devices in the room.

Wireless thermostats make it effortless to control temperature based on business hours or outside climate. No sense powering on the AC without dimming the shades when the sun is bright.

Touch Screens
Sleek in-wall or portable touch screens make it easy for your employees to control the system. With access control, you can make sure the designated staff has that control, while others do not.

Just a few Control4® products can deliver a dramatic difference for the guest experience. Better still, Control4 Hospitality Solutions seamlessly integrate with third-party management systems and applications, including locks, card swipes, mini-bars, shades and more

System Remote Controls
With an OLED backlit display, the Control4® SR-250 remote gives employees wireless, walk-around control of every TV.
2, 3 or 6-Button

Customize control features that offer one-touch convenience: “All Off,” “Lunch,” “Weekend,” or “Meeting Commence.”

Dimmers & Switches
Reduce utility bills, extend bulb life, conserve resources, and provide the convenience of pre-set, one-touch lighting scenes.

Motion & Contact Sensors
Automatically manage energy effectively and efficiently with more accurate occupancy control.

Dock for iPod
Supports Apple® iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano for a personalized music experience.

Impress your guests

From door to drapes, Control4® Hospitality Solutions are designed to enhance every inch of the guest experience through one simple touch.

Make your hotel a smart hotel

With the ideal standards-based automation and energy management solutions for the hospitality industry, Our Hospitality Solutions enhance the guest experience in more than 11,000 hotel rooms in 10 countries around the globe.