The Smart House of the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s undeniable that we are becoming fully-immersed in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. Our lives, homes, phones, cars, electronics, music, refrigerators—even clothing!—are growing increasingly connected. And smart technology is only going to get more intuitive and unified as the years pass. At Control4, we live and breathe this stuff. It’s what makes us “tick.” […]


The Benefits of Professional Installation

Despite improvements in the ease of setup, most home automation systems work best when designed and installed by a trained professional. Home automation has been inching slowly into the mainstream, and with new do-it-yourself focused systems hitting the marketplace hard and heavy, consumers are faced with the decision on whether to tackle the setup of […]


Home Automation. It Ain’t Just About Lamp Control.

I can remember the exact moment when I started in home automation. My wife and I were much younger and she had “inherited” a lamp timer; you know, one of those plug-in-the-wall, hog-the-whole-socket, ugly-as-sin, monstrous things you plug your lamp into so you can try to fool would-be predators into thinking someone was home. Being […]


The Control4 Advantage

When designed and installed properly by a trained, knowledgeable home automation integrator, an automation system is able to perform some amazing feats. This goes for systems offered by Control4, as well as many other home automation products on the market. Where the differences between systems often lie is in the engineering of their control platforms. […]


Light, Elevated. [VIDEO]

For most people it’s common to walk into a dark house after a long day at work, fumble with the keys, and attempt to turn on that darn light switch with arms full of groceries. Control4 makes this inconvenience a thing of the past for one Sarasota, Florida homeowner with automated lighting. When the family […]


What Does a Day in the Life of Home Automation Look Like? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Because your family doesn’t live the same way as the people next door, your home shouldn’t function the same way either. When you live the automated life, the things your home can do to make life more enjoyable and convenient for you and your family are virtually endless. Click on the image below to see […]


8 Must Haves For Any High End Home Theater

Maybe you’re looking to turn your neglected garage into the ultimate cinema experience. Or perhaps you want to enhance your family movie night with a few updates to your existing home theater. No matter your vision, here are 8 must haves for the perfect automated home theater. Movie Posters Set the scene with a giant […]